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Eric will be reopening the Devil's Nest on Friday, and I wanted to show you how crazy I am run through a few things with the game at large before that happened!

What IS the Devil's Nest, anyway?

The Devil's Nest will be a new (or old and revamped, depending on how long you've been in the game) all-ages dance club. The layout looks like this, decorated in reds and blacks because while Eric is a pretty evolved vampire, considering, sometimes you have to stick with the classics. There's a big dance floor (the type of music will change daily), a couple of bars (more on that in a sec), and an invite-only VIP section that can be rented out for parties where Eric will normally be hanging.

There are also overpriced appetizers (think along the lines of fried and spicy things) available.

So what about the bars?

The bars (a main one in the big space of the club, and a smaller one in the VIP section) will be serving alcoholic drinks only to people over the age of 21. The bouncer (either NPC or a real character, depending on the day) will be checking IDs and giving those from the high school big ugly X's on their hands that won't wash off, even if you run immediately to the bathroom (...and now you are learning a bit too much about Fry as an underage drinker). The staff has been assured that if they serve anyone underage they will be fired immediately. Feel free to mod all kinds of virgin drinks, smoothies, juices, sodas from weird countries, whatever, but you won't be getting booze if you're in high school. You could get TruBlood, though!

But my character has a fake ID/mind-control powers/enormous boobs!

No go. Sorry. Eric hasn't been around for a thousand years by being stupid, and getting shut down for serving minors would be stupid.

Fun killer.

Hopefully not!

So about this VIP section...

If your character is a vampire or a friend of Sookie's, consider them invited behind the velvet rope. (Of course there's a velvet rope.) If you catch Eric's attention, want to talk to him, et cetera, he'll wave you back as well. You can also handwavily rent the space out for birthday parties, ladies' nights, bachelor parties, whatever, and mod the bar there as taking care of all of your needs.

Anything else I should know?

Since Eric isn't exactly thrilled with witches right now (being mind-whammied by one will do that to you), there's no spell against violence at the club like there is at Caritas. There is, however, an NPC bouncer and (on most nights) a thousand year old vampire who, while enjoying violence, doesn't want you busting up his club, so keep your fisticuffs a little contained, please and thank you

I also still have a few days available if you're interested in working a shift!

Any further questions? Ask in the comments :)
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